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Just as we’re getting started here helping you pull more from your business website we toss in a nice article for you on how to recognize when to quit! Guy Kawasaki is one of my favorite bloggers and posted an interview he did earlier this week with Seth Godin, about his new book “The Dip – A Little Book That Teaches You When to Quit (And When to Stick)”. I haven’t read it yet but if Guy Kawasaki says it’s a good read then it will be on my short list. Check out his interview here; that alone is a good read!

From time to time we’ll post similar articles related to marketing, sales, and business in general from writers we follow. We hope you enjoy them and your comments are always appreciated.


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We’re working on a nice graphic to depict Real-e-Live People™ in action; as the saying goes: a picture is worth 1000 words! In the mean time here is some VERY simple math to show you what will happen when you add ReLP to your online marketing mix.

How much is increasing your profit worth to you?
Consider this the old method of online business:

  1. You created your web site because you have something to offer; be it a product, service or information.
  2. Your marketing initiatives relentlessly draw visitors to your site.
  3. These visitors are coming because they are interested by this offer, and your success lies in them making a transaction. But how?
  4. Will they pick up the phone? Will they send an email or fill out your form? Will they check out or abandon their shopping cart? The key is in the conviction your site has of persuading them to act.
  5. The only thing you can really do is keep driving traffic and play the numbers game.

THAT was the old way!

Now, to be much more successful at doing business online; repeat points 1 to 3 from above, sprinkle with a bit of point 4, and add Real-e-Live People™ live help to your whole system. Now you can actually reach out to all those visitors.

THIS will be your new way!

“BUT HOW MUCH IS IT?!” you ask. To which we reply “First look at what it does for you!”

Let’s start with some basic assumptions:

• Your site gets 1000 visitors per day
• You currently have a 1% conversion rate; so 10 of those visitors become clients
• You are selling 1 item for $20 to each client from Monday to Friday
• You are spending $100 per day in advertising

10 visitors buy 1 item at $20 each = $200 x 5 days = $1000 in sales

$100 advertising x 5 days = $500 ad expense

$1000 – $500 = $500 per week profit; not too bad.

Now let’s say you implement a new tool to increase your conversion rate by just 1% more:

• so now 20 of those visitors become clients
• all the rest stays the same

20 visitors buy 1 item at $20 each = $400 x 5 days = $2000 in sales

$100 advertising x 5 days = $500 ad expense

$2000 – $500 = $1500 per week profit!!

You have DOUBLED your sales and TRIPLED your profit while maintaining the same number of visitors!!

Conversion table

To summarize the equation we have:

• Old way: $500 per week profit x 4 weeks (per month) = $2000 profit

• New way: $1500 per week profit x 4 weeks (per month) = $6000 profit
(Minus the monthly cost of your Real-e-Live People™ package)

Would this not be worth a reasonable monthly investment?

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Real-e-Live People™ is a very effective marketing and sales tool that works with your website, and an online business needs a website! So let’s have a quick look at those virtual pages; especially the HOME page which is where your visitors will draw that all important first impression. Statistics show that you have all of 5 seconds to hook a visitor’s interest! That’s the same amount of time it just took you to read this paragraph – wow! To help you with outlining a plan, here are a few things to consider.

As you sit back and contemplate your marketing strategy for the rest of 2007 and beyond, make sure you give your website a good second thought. Your website serves you tirelessly day after day, directing prospects and clients to your email and telephones – or does it? When was the last time you made any modifications to it?

Many of us embrace the Internet as an extension to our businesses, which undergo changes all the time. Product updates, employee rotation, and new services are just a few of the things you could, and should, share on your website. Technology is constantly evolving as well. Your website is an extension of, if not your entire business, and as normally as you would wash the floors, paint the walls, install that new computer system and update your software, you should be revamping the look of your website too.

Now I’m not suggesting you overhaul the entire layout. Simply changing a few colors, adding a new graphic, regularly adding items to your news column, annually updating the copyright date, and at the very least changing the “Last modified on dd/mm/yy” or get rid of it altogether if you can’t keep up. These points already have enough effect on visitors that they will be more inclined to stay longer and also return for another visit. On the technology side, keeping pace is not as obvious for most people simply because there is so much out there that just the research can be quite time consuming – time better spent working on your core business.

So what do you do? Well, keep checking back here as we build this site and offer up more links and tips, and take a moment right now to visit our demo page (during business hours GMT -5) to have a look at the very latest in online communications applications in action. Real-e-Live People™ can literally bring your website to life.

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I have to apologize for not posting yesterday after asking you to drop by 2 days ago. Sometimes 25 hours in a ReLP day just aren’t enough.

So we said 2 days ago; Real-e-Live People™ is a business class online audio, video, and chat application bringing a very personal dimension to your web based transactions. That, however; is only half of it.

What makes Real-e-Live People™ even more attractive is that it alerts you to a visitors arrival on your website in real time, and also lets you see what pages they are surfing on. In addition to this you can, at any time, send each particular visitor a personalized invitation to a live chat conversation with you. This is the virtual equivalent of a business representative approaching a client in an office or storefront and striking up a conversation to offer their assistance.

This powerful feature effectively closes the marketing and sales loop for an online business. The traditional process for completing a sale online, in simplified form and assuming you already have a product or service, is to build a website, drive tons of traffic to it and then sit and wait for the phone to ring or for emails or forms to hopefully come flooding in. As stated previously, unfortunately this is a pure numbers game and the amount of visitors to your website in relation to completed online sales must be huge. ReLP gives you the power to even out those odds in a very intuitive, web based package.

Check back regularly as we try to keep you updated on developments with Real-e-Live People™ and also offer up tips on effective use of a chat service within your website. Links to what we think are helpful and informative sites will also begin appearing in the right column over there very soon.

Remember: visitors are most likely on your website right now. Wouldn’t you like to talk with them?

Thanks for reading!

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What is ReLP?

Perhaps we should take a few seconds here and let you in on what Real-e-Live People™, or ReLP for short, actually is!

Real-e-Live People™ is a leading edge web based audio, video and text chat application that allows you to communicate with the visitors that come to your website in an almost personal way. It’s the next best thing to actually being there. We call it “virtually in person”! Whether it be for business, shopping, customer service or information gathering; people are most comfortable dealing with another person when they are face-to-face.

The Internet brings us a whole new way of doing business in this online environment. We can buy a car, research and book a vacation, work with people in remote locations, run a business, as well as many other things all without moving from our desks. Why not have the possibility to do this with a more personal element added? This is where ReLP comes in, bringing a whole new dimension to these online transactions.

For the visitor our audio/video tool allows ease of use and anonymity yet it also adds a very personal and human aspect to the conversation; like we said before, almost as if being there in person. This puts a visitor or prospect much more at ease and thus their willingness to carry forward a relationship is heightened thereby shortening your sales cycle and accelerating those revenues.

This is just the beginning, however! Drop by tomorrow and we’ll spill a little more information!

To meet us and see Real-e-Live People™ in action, drop by our demo page, or click on the button below to book a specific time.

static demo

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Things are still quiet in here because we’re really focused on rolling out ReLP. Stay tuned though; we haven’t forgotten about this space.

If you have tried ReLP we would really like to hear your comments and suggestions. If you have NOT YET seen a demo, please contact us to arrange one and don’t be shy; we would still like to hear what kind of features you would want to see in a real time video chat application.

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