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Since we launched version 2 things have picked up quite a bit here. Just 1 look at the frequency of posts in this blog will show that our energy is all directed elsewhere. People from all kinds of industries are interested in integrating the application into their online businesses and we’re busy delivering their requests.

In the next few months we’ll also be introducing 2 new products that will help bring your websites to life. To be among the first to see them when we release; send us an email and we’ll add your name to our list of people to invite.

There has also been a lot of interesting industry news but we’ve only scanned the headlines lately and need to read the related articles before passing on any information. One of the big stories of late was Google’s release of the news for their open-source mobile phone operating system called Android. Although the actual release was rather low key when compared to that of the iPhone, and the arguments for and against are about 50/50 right now, we feel there is great potential here. Let us know what you think.


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Are you getting jazzed by the iPhone hype? How about all the coverage of people standing in lines since Monday for something that won’t go on sale before Friday night? Or the exposés on the front-liners who aren’t even there to buy an iPhone – they are just there for the notoriety of being first in line!

Never mind that the the iPhone doesn’t even allow you to replace its battery and forces you to sign up with their chosen carrier (full features heremissing features here), people will be shelling out $600 for a phone and probably even more once some of them get on eBay!

Steven Jobs officially announced the iPhone in his keynote this past winter and we can’t help but admire how this whole show unfolds; pure marketing genius. You can’t buy this kind of PR exposure. It’s not about the phone (well, OK, it is) but more about how it is all being rolled out, or not. There is no gigantic unveiling with hot air balloons or simultaneous worldwide openings. Simply a product being made available in stores starting tonight. All the hype is being consumer generated and consumer driven and thanks to the power of todays technology it is spreading farther and faster to more people than anything ever before.

Steven Jobs is smiling!

On a related note: check out his keynote address* if you haven’t already seen it . Not so much for the content but to observe his style and delivery. Notice that he is almost always on the move but stops when he requires impact. See the use of large and simple screen displays allowing for the whole message to be absorbed. And the dialog is in layman’s terms; no techno jargon that only geeks will get. No, this was addressed to everyone because he wants everyone to have an iPhone.

Of course there are arguments to be made against some or all of that, and we are aware of this, but for this exercise let’s look at the good in this and learn from it.

* iTunes requires a free subscription and the iTunes package to view the video. We are offering this link because it is the official source. Several other links exist as well.

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