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Since we launched version 2 things have picked up quite a bit here. Just 1 look at the frequency of posts in this blog will show that our energy is all directed elsewhere. People from all kinds of industries are interested in integrating the application into their online businesses and we’re busy delivering their requests.

In the next few months we’ll also be introducing 2 new products that will help bring your websites to life. To be among the first to see them when we release; send us an email and we’ll add your name to our list of people to invite.

There has also been a lot of interesting industry news but we’ve only scanned the headlines lately and need to read the related articles before passing on any information. One of the big stories of late was Google’s release of the news for their open-source mobile phone operating system called Android. Although the actual release was rather low key when compared to that of the iPhone, and the arguments for and against are about 50/50 right now, we feel there is great potential here. Let us know what you think.


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If you live in the United States and happen to have a cell phone with T-Mobile, or are thinking of switching carriers, there is a great new offer they have. I understand we will have a similar offer available in Canada this fall. Technologies are finally converging and making sense for consumers. I have long been trying to whittle down to having only 1 telephone number PLUS good coverage wherever I go PLUS combine extremely low cost (free) long distance calls. Right now that means having a combo of cell phone, home phone, office phone and VoIP or a good long distance plan.

Well T-Mobile quietly introduced a new plan in the USA last Friday. I quickly made some calls to local telco contacts and found out we should have something similar in a few months.

Read all about it here.

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